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Lahiri Yoga Center welcomes you to join us for Yoga, Pilates Mat and Apparatus classes, Meditation, Sutra Studies, Drumming and other great offerings all inside Ahlara International Spa in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Our classes easily accommodate every skill level (adults only), whether you are just setting forth upon your personal yogic path or have studied for years. Lahiri Yoga Center and its loving, experienced staff can help you move forward on your inner and outer journey safely and happily, bringing well-being to every area of your life.


  • Ahlara is hosting Meditation classes on Monday nights from 6-7.
  • Holiday Schedule: The final LYC class for 2013 is Thursday, Dec. 19th. The studio will be closed through Dec. 29th.
  • Note: Ahlara International has taken over the yoga and Pilates mat offerings starting Monday, December 30th. Please consult the Ahlara Web Site for information on current class offerings, prices, and schedule. LYC will continue to hold Pilates apparatus classes in the studio. Please contact Sati at 704.728.0197 to schedule an appointment.

Yoga is many things to many people. Yes, it is an ancient healing art that brings mind, spirit, & body together on all levels; and it is a fabulous way to exercise, detoxify, & stretch the body; but is also a phenomenal tool for inner & outer growth. Millions of people across the world are discovering this & are seeking the health benefits that invigorate and balance the body, but they are also finding that this new-found wellness extends far beyond the body itself. LYC is truly excited about this discovery, since we have always known that asana (yoga poses) was just one piece of the yoga realm.

At LYC, you will find that 'yoga' is definitely asana & pranayama (breathing practice), but also the philosophy found in the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali’s 8 Limbed Path & other such texts. We also enjoy oming, some chanting, & include kriyas (breath & movement practices designed for bodily detoxification & kundalini movement) whenever possible. While providing the specific alignment principles that comprise a pose, we also include the emotional, philosophical, & mental concepts that either surrounds a given pose or the yoga class itself. Additionally, each class is physically well rounded, providing the asanas (poses) & movement flow that consistently builds strength, tone, balance, & flexibility.

It is our greatest desire to serve the yoga community, you – in particular, & the world in which we live by helping to foster a greater understanding of why we come to the mat in the first place. Yes, you can get a fantastic workout here at LYC through our yoga (& Pilates) classes, but that yoga "work-out" will also be a "work-in" so that the whole being is served. "On the mat, in the self, to the world" - that says it all!


Pilates ApparatusPilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, & awareness. It creates efficiency of movement; makes the body leaner & the muscles stronger; & through specific movements it heightens body-awareness, thus changing imbalanced practices and habits. Additionally, many people use Pilates as an adjunct to current or past physical rehabilitation, since it is geared towards alleviating key issues like back problems, & joint or weight-bearing injuries & problems. Finally, Pilates is one of the best modalities for creating pelvic, joint & rotator stabilization, & especially core strength!

Pilates is done either on the Mat or on the Apparatus. LYC offers both modalities! Our Mat classes focuses on core work done on the floor; while interspersing classes that utilize a few tools of the trade like the Magic Circle or Flex Bands. The Apparatus is specifically designed Pilates equipment that provides resistance (through ropes, springs, discs, & gravity), while helping to streamline movement patterns so you can be more effective & balanced in any physical exercise or sport that you do!

At LYC you, the individual, will always be emphasized.  Your needs are as unique as your personality, ideas, or the color of your eyes.  Each Pilates session is tailor made just for you!  You will strengthen exactly what needs to be made strong, fix troubled areas, & come away feeling like you’ve accomplished something wonderful!

Where We Are

Lahiri Yoga Center, studio spaceLahiri Yoga Center is located within the premier spa of Ahlara International. Conveniently located in Mooresville, North Carolina, off Williamson, just west of I-77 and south of Hwy 150


Ahlara International, LogoAhlara International, an Asian-themed premier spa and boutique offers hand-crafted furniture, unique fashions, purses, jewelry and gifts from around the world.